Monday, October 29, 2012

Another day...

Tonight my thoughts are on the upcoming holidays.  As I try to stay busy.. it makes time pass by faster.  When stress becomes overbearing I come to the realization that sometimes too busy is not a good thing.  :)  Thinking ahead of the holidays is exciting and heart breaking at the same time.  Who would have ever thought that would be a problem.  I am ever thankful that I get the time to talk on the phone with Mike more often now!  It gets me through each new day.  Just as he tells me hearing my voice in the morning gets him through his.  He is my life, my love, my twin flame! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's been very busy and eventful past week and weekend.  As I have learned that some doors in my life are closing...I feel deep in my heart and know that more are opening.  I don't know what is in store for the next steps in my life, but I do know that each one is being carefully created with God's hands. 

Grandpa Chamberlains 80th birthday celebration was a very joyful day, spent with family that I usually never get to see.  We had a great time and served a ton of food.  :)  Grandpa looked so good!  His personality and actions reflected how I have always remembered him, and how I want to remember him.  It was a very beautiful day.

The kids and I returned home and eventually we will pull together the effort to prepare for the next week.  One day at a time!  It's all that we can do.  I'm on a lazy river of life...going with the flow.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A New Day

Well it has been a while and I want to really try to start my blogging again. 

There's been happy times, sad times, good times, and really rough times.  But from here on out life exists...One day at a time!  I want to try and start sharing my experiences just like that.  Not only for my kids, myself, but also the love of my life!  Which I know I WILL be with again, someday soon! 
I have learned amazing things, discovered new strengths, and look forward to the start of each new day with appreciation at the end of each day.  My love for life has changed so much in these past few months with all new meaning.  Each day I repeat to myself "Peace, Love, Joy" because without each of those, life really is meaningless.  I love each and everyone of you and look forward to my new path!